Nancy Spero’s Women’s March through Time

Today, as hundreds of thousands participate in the Women’s March on Washington and around the world, protesting against the misogyny and bigotry ushered in by yesterday’s inauguration of a misogynist bigot, I am reminded of Nancy Spero’s powerful work that unites modern women with women from ancient cultures (e.g. Egypt, Near-East, Greece). While Spero’s work has highlighted the male violations of women and their bodies across time (e.g. in her series Torture of Women), it also enacts an inspiring feminist protest. Here is a selection of images of her work that show groups of women, coming together and marching through time in protest against patriarchal oppression. Thank you to every singe person who is out there protesting today. Now is the beginning of a brighter future (which, as we know, is female).

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