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“The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it.” Sure, the idiotic idea of your never-to-be-built-wall may have emerged, fully-formed, from your head, like some phantom Athena (the “Wall”). But this Wall remains a figment of your limited imagination no matter how many real-time revisions […]

As Minus Plato continues on its daily posting schedule, I will be comparing how artists take up the task of creating work as or about daily activities and ancient philosophy as a way of life. As Pierre Hadot has discussed throughout his work,  ancient philosophers wrote ‘spiritual exercises’ which acted as hypomnemata (memory aids) – […]

I just read the philosopher Alain Badiou’s essay in the new book Intersubjectivity Vol. 1: Language and Misunderstanding, published by Sternberg Press. There is lots to chew on in this exciting volume – and I am sure to return to it. It includues Cory Arcangel on misunderstanding, another ‘variation from Paul Chan’s New New Testament […]