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  1. It would be fantastic if you could cover the exhibition Cross the Streets in one of your blogs, as we believe that this exhibition will inspire your readers to explore a ‘new’ and diverse part of Rome, in particular because this exhibition very much links in with your blog, as it is highlights how the Rome, in which we see today, is very much inspired by its ancient roots, and that they interlink immensely.

    The street art exhibition Cross the Streets (7th May – 1st October 2017) at MACRO, the new museum of contemporary art in Rome, opened to critical acclaim and saw over 6000 visitors flood into the exhibition space on the opening night. The launch saw street dance continuing late into the night, with guests getting down to the beats of the DJs, hip-hop artists and rappers.

    Cross the Streets, curated by Paulo von Vacano, is not only a street art exhibition, but also a multimedia platform, that explores the global phenomenon of street art, its history and context, highlighting how it is one of the most empowering grassroots’ arts movement of the last 40 years. The exhibition also focuses on the art subculture in Rome, where it has evolved organically from the streets in its various forms, from graffiti writing to mural painting, and is now found in the form of a comprehensive introspective exhibition at MACRO.

    MACRO – Museum Contemporary Art in Rome
    Via Nizza 138, Rome

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at books@dragolab.com for any further information and photographs.


    Kind Regards,
    Carlotta La Tour

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