Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: K is for Kassapis

You took this and other photographs of Andreas Ragnar Kassapis’ paintings in the Odeion on your first night in Athens. You were not sure why you took them. You took other photographs on other nights, but you lost those photographs when you were trying to clear memory space on your computer and mistakenly deleted them. This means that you only remember the objects painted in the photographs that you have not lost and that you can still look at. For example, you can look at the photograph of a text, which you remember was positioned between painted objects (you now only have one photograph of a telephone, although there may have been other telephones). So you can still know how the text begins: nuance is an overtone of memory/it is part of a mnemonic trace/it can be traced inside images. This photograph is of a painting that I don’t understand in any way. You can make out some kind of figure in a street scene, but that is all. You could imagine that it is a painting of Mnemosyne herself. If it is not her, do you think it looks more like an object or a text or something in between?

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