A Classicist’s Encounter with Cy Twombly’s Fifty Days at Iliam

In the Spring, I recorded a podcast for the Philadelphia Museum of Art about Cy Twombly’s Classicism. The first half is a talk based on the introduction I delivered at the American Philological Association Annual Meeting in January for a panel I put together called Abstracting Classics: Cy Twombly, Modern Art and the Ancient World (here is a link to the abstracts of the five papers presented http://apaclassics.org/index.php/annual_meeting/143rd_annual_meeting_abstracts_table// & scroll down to no. 28). The second part is a general discussion of the Fifty Days at Iliam series (1978) housed at the Museum. You can access the blog via the Museum website (under ‘Lectures’):


Or directly from iTunes: 


While I mainly discuss Fifty Days at Iliam, I also refer to three other Twombly paintings (one of which you may recognize as the background to this blog!):

Cy Twombly Solon I (1952)
Cy Twombly Untitled I (Bacchus) (2005)
Cy Twombly Academy (1955)

And, although it is no substitute to visiting the gallery (http://www.philamuseum.org/collections/permanent/85709.html), here is an installation view, followed by the 10 paintings of the Fifty Days at Iliam series.

Happy listening!

Cy Twombly Fifty Days at Iliam. (1978) In ten parts.

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