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Virtue? A fig! ‘Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus  – Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello My son Eneko is turning 8 on Tuesday and we’re having his birthday party today. As we set up the giant piñata in the shape of the number 8 and hope for the sun to shine on our […]

I hope you have all been enjoying your Apuleian holiday – it has definitely been a refreshing sojourn for me. While we were busy following that ass Lucius (@donkey30123?) and his exploits, there has been an opening and book launch in Athens that is right up Minus Plato‘s alley. The project is called Liquid Antiquity conceived […]

The 2012 exhibition Animal Spirits at the DESTE Slaughterhouse was inspired by the economist John Maynard Keyne’s concept of “animal spirits”: Here is the description of the exhibition on the DESTE website: Animal Spirits references a concept coined by the British economist John Maynard Keynes, who argued in his 1936 book, The General Theory of […]