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You are teaching a Classical Mythology class and you have reached the topic of “Creation Stories” (either this is early in the course or later, after “Epic Myths”). In today’s class you want to compare and contrast ancient Greek, Roman and Near-Eastern myths about the origins of the universe. You will discuss (and the students […]

Come on let me out or I’ll explode…I am Noman…of Ithaca, son of Runawayhorse… – Philocleon in Aristophanes’ Wasps Our three Athenians living in Kassel have just finished their daily performance for documenta 14 and they are feeling especially happy and content with their day’s work. Since returning from their act of defiance and resistance, […]

If any lover runs up to him to complain because he is furious at seeing the object of his passion derided on the stage, he takes no heed of such reproaches, for he is inspired only with honest motives and his Muse is no pander. – the Chorus of wasps in Aristophanes’ Wasps Far from […]

I think we’ll win ourselves a name among the Greeks as those who brought an end to warfare. – Lysistrata in Aristophanes’ Lysistrata Previously on Three Athenians in Kassel: After Alexis was kidnapped and nearly eaten and Nina was attacked and had her head shaved, our three Athenians went in search of answers. They visited […]

Vrekekekex koax koax, vrekekekex koax koax! We, the children of the lakes and the bubbly springs, in harmony, let’s sing! Vrekekekex koax koax, vrekekekex koax koax. – Chorus of Frogs in Aristophanes’ Frogs Last time on Three Athenians in Kassel: Alexis has been kidnapped by a group of Neo-Viennese Actionists who want to sacrifice him […]

What I weigh out tragedy, like butcher’s meat? – Xanthias in Aristophanes’ Frogs It started like any other night for our three Athenians in Kassel, but it would end in tragedy. Sitting in their cozy house, Nina and the documenta 14 official were doing some ’embodying’ research after finishing off their report, while Bia with […]

Oh happy, happy, happy me, I understand arseophony! Anyone who knows the ins and outs of a gnat’s arse is going to find it easy to get off a criminal charge.  – Strepsiades in Aristophanes’ Clouds When our three Athenians in their tiny house are not working at their tedious day-jobs, spending their days-off sleeping […]

I dreamt too, an extraordinary dream. But tell yours first. – Sosias in Aristophanes’ Wasps Our three Athenians work six days a week in Kassel, from Tuesday to Sunday, studying, preparing and performing for documenta 14, while also enduring their tedious day jobs to make ends meet. Their only day off each week is Monday. […]

Do you see that little door and that small house over there? – Strepsiades in Aristophanes’ Clouds Three Athenians (let us call them Bia, Alexis and Nina) live together in a tiny house on the outskirts of Kassel. They are here to work at Documenta, the exhibition that this small German city hosts every five […]

What did you make of Lala Rukh’s beats, her ‘indexing sonic ruptures and melodic sequences as a graphic sensibility? (As Natasha Ginwala puts it in the documenta 14 Daybook). Maybe you encountered them alone or with others, taking them in separately or together, like some kind of chorus, either way, when you left the space of […]