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Today I am busy writing my review – the one I mentioned yesterday – and so I didn’t have time to write a polished post. But here are my working notes, which will have to suffice for you to speculate on the kind of post it would have been, if I had written it. Watching […]

Dear Eric, Rereading what I wrote about Anabases yesterday it dawned on my how I cannot allow this week of posts about your book to become anything approximating a review. I am currently months behind the review of another book and taking this mode of writing on at the same time seems especially perverse. That […]

For the next seven days I am going to document my experience reading French artist Eric Baudelaire’s book Anabases (as well as Xenophon and, perhaps Arrian). Here is the blurb (written by Morad Montazami) so you have some idea of what’s in store: This book is not for reading but for wandering. Its lines do […]