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We have only allocated an hour to write this post, so we don’t have time to discuss that infamous memo (we mean here the Nunes memo, not Trump himself) Given this time-crunch we’re merely going to see how the posts from our allocated two week period from last year (Jan. 23-Feb 5) fit into the […]

Back in 2013 I wrote a Minus Plato post about Jimmie Durham’s Public Monument for the Birthday of Rome, 1995. I was reminded of this work on looking at the catalogue for the Hammer Museum retrospective of Durham’s work Jimmie Durham: At the Center of the World, as a picture of Durham’s Rome work, which I had never seen […]

That such opposed vices, both the greatest arrogance and the greatest timidity, were to be found in the same person, I have no doubt in attributing to his mental infirmity. For this man, who had so little respect for the gods, would, at the slightest hint of thunder or lightning, close his eyes and over […]