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Over the past few days, several things have occurred that have set me to worrying (somewhat more than usual) about the future of the university. I am not only thinking about some immediate and disturbing developments at my own specific institution (Ohio State University), but also about the very survival of the university as an […]

I have been reading the Ralph Lemon and Triple Canopy volume On Value, which contains this brief piece by Nari Ward on his work Ultra. I was intrigued by the way that Ward invokes the curious case of Robert Rauschenberg’s 1959 work Canyon (which was gifted to MoMA on account of the fact that it […]

In his essay ‘Ralph Lemon’s Counter-Memorials’, Nicholas Burns praises the choreographer’s drawings for their ‘arresting facticity’ and compares them to the figures on ancient Greek geometric vases, in how they: provide information, as well as the artist’s own perspective on it, inexpressible otherwise. Lemon’s practice of what he calls ’empirical performance formalism’ means that the […]