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At the 54th Carnegie International in 2004, in addition to four other works, Trisha Donnelly created a performance called Letter to Tacitus.  According to descriptions of the performance I have read online, Donnelly selected an elderly male museum guard to read a letter that she had written, imagined to have been to the Roman historian Cornelius […]

I just read the philosopher Alain Badiou’s essay in the new book Intersubjectivity Vol. 1: Language and Misunderstanding, published by Sternberg Press. There is lots to chew on in this exciting volume – and I am sure to return to it. It includues Cory Arcangel on misunderstanding, another ‘variation from Paul Chan’s New New Testament […]

While I have had Los Angeles on my mind in general recently, there have been two reasons in particular. First I encountered the luscious catalogue for Made in L.A. 2016: a, the, though, only exhibition at the Wexner Store and secondly I participated in the LACA benefit auction (there is a small connection between the […]

Tonight I will be speaking at the opening of the inaugural exhibition of Blake Turner’s Manifesto Library at the Sean Christopher Gallery, here in Columbus. The Manifesto Library is a collection comprised of leftist, feminist, black, latino/a, guerrilla, african, militant, artists, economic, trans, queer, social, technological, and political manifestos. It is a recollection or monument to […]

As winter creeps upon us here in Ohio, with its cold and dark, and leaves litter the ground, my newly invigorated daily bogging on Minus Plato may appear like a longing for spring. As such, it has brought to mind Philip Larkin’s poem The Trees: The trees are coming into leaf Like something almost being said; The […]