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We have only allocated an hour to write this post, so we don’t have time to discuss that infamous memo (we mean here the Nunes memo, not Trump himself) Given this time-crunch we’re merely going to see how the posts from our allocated two week period from last year (Jan. 23-Feb 5) fit into the […]

Yesterday I discussed the question of ‘Who Speaks for Sappho?’ and Louise Lawler’s work that extends the ‘mansplaining’ ‘of Sappho’s poetry into a general critique of patriarchy. Today let’s take one example of the very literal ‘mansplaining’ of ancient Roman poets – Catullus 51 as a remake of Sappho 31 (here are the translations of […]

Who speaks for Sappho? I was reminded of this question this morning when I saw this post on Hans Urich Obrist’s Instagram feed depicting a work by Kasper Bosmans (an artist whose engagement with antiquity I blogged about on the first day of 2017): Bosmans’ drawing imagines the smoke of incense somehow ‘speaking the name […]