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We have only allocated an hour to write this post, so we don’t have time to discuss that infamous memo (we mean here the Nunes memo, not Trump himself) Given this time-crunch we’re merely going to see how the posts from our allocated two week period from last year (Jan. 23-Feb 5) fit into the […]

On hearing the news of the travel restrictions on passengers carrying large electronic devices in their carry-on luggage from 8 Muslim-majority countries, for some reason I was reminded of an obscure curatorial intervention in the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.  Between the years of 1993-2003 the then director Suzanne Pagé worked with […]

I just discovered that the curator, conversationalist and art world visionary Hans Ulrich Obrist will be orchestrating an event in Athens on June 18th called Athens Dialogues. Here is the description of the event: Conceived and moderated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, the Athens Dialogues is a one day series of conversations with contemporary artists and […]