You had meant it as a brief stop on the way to somewhere else, but it ended up being the story of your day and perhaps your whole visit. Your main destination was the Benaki Museum Pireos Street Annexe, but you wanted to plan a route via quick visits to the Museum of Islamic Art […]

You were obsessed with the caryatid that Lord Elgin stole from the Erechtheion temple on the Acropolis, when you read the tales of the five remaining figures weeping for their lost sister in Johanna Hanink’s book The Classical Debt. You even paid her a visit, after Athens, in the British Museum, and it was only […]

When you took this photograph of Pauline’s Solo did it make you wish that you had spoken with Pauline Oliveros in person, either before she died in November 2016 or afterwards in the underworld as a dialogue of the dead? Would you have addressed her by her first name? Would you have asked her about […]

You had expected to find Chris Marker’s The Owl’s Legacy somewhere at documenta 14, perhaps as a reference in one of the publications or mentioned in passing in a line of wall text, but not in the form of a usb key hanging from a piece of string. When you made an unplanned visit to […]

Were you especially excited to stumble across the work of André du Colombier? What drew you in more, his words or his colors? To the alternation of red, red and white or the words un | jour | rouge? Did your eyes prize out the words from the copper on the wall or lose them […]

You didn’t make it to the Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Gallery – Benaki Museum during the small window of their regular opening hours (Friday-Saturday, 10am-6pm). But you were lucky enough to know Polina Kosmadaki, who had curated an exhibition of Ghika’s photographs of the 1930s and who gave you a private out-of-hours tour. You would hear from […]

When walking on the Acropolis, photographing multicolored slabs of fallen marble, were you thinking about your use of language in your work? Has anyone ever described your language as ‘marmoreal’? Would you prefer the marmoreal of Derek Walcott’s description of poetry (as “natural and marmoreal…fresh as the raindrops on a statue’s brow”) or of descriptions […]

What drew you to The Line of Geta Brătescu? Why did you settle on these works from the series? Were you not captivated by the video of her drawing the lines in action? (You would have heard her commentary on the lines as they grew). Does this photograph mean that you stood before the vertical […]

You took this and other photographs of Andreas Ragnar Kassapis’ paintings in the Odeion on your first night in Athens. You were not sure why you took them. You took other photographs on other nights, but you lost those photographs when you were trying to clear memory space on your computer and mistakenly deleted them. […]

You were very lucky to take this photograph of a wall-text without a work. That said, you still visited several empty universities across the city – the Academy, the Lyceum and the Stoa Poikile. And, like this empty university, there was still activity on the site – a children’s party at Plato’s, an art collective’s […]