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Recalling such disparate references as 1930’s fashion illustration, optical illusions, The Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup album cover, or the security patterns found inside of business envelopes, The World, by Seth Price, finds its initial source in a drawing created while working on his Folklore US project.

Tomorrow I will be attending the 5th International Conference on the Ancient Novel (ICAN) in Houston, Texas and on Friday I will be giving my first public performance under the persona of Minus Plato. My performance – which is not an academic paper – will re-wire Apuleius’ Metamorphoses into the strange machine known as the […]

Another mobile post, so I’ll be brief. I’m currently reading Seth Price’s novel Duck Seth Price (ah the magic of auto-correct!), while at the same time writing a paper for the upcoming 5th International Conference on the Ancient Novel in Houston next week. I am meant to be delivering a paper on Apuleius’ Metamorphoses in […]