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Who benefits today from folding the evidence of Russian intervention in American democracy into a narrative about the continuation of an endless Cold War? And where does Trump desire for a military parade fit within this narrative? Our suspicion is that both the parade as timely display of US military might and the claims of […]

Trump’s response to the Rob Porter episode is the latest in a series for our abuser in chief defending himself via his kind of man (Roy Moore, Roger Ailes, Corey Lewandowski etc). And nowhere to be heard from our leaders are the voices of the survivors of men’s abuse. But, with such abuse and its […]

We have only allocated an hour to write this post, so we don’t have time to discuss that infamous memo (we mean here the Nunes memo, not Trump himself) Given this time-crunch we’re merely going to see how the posts from our allocated two week period from last year (Jan. 23-Feb 5) fit into the […]