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When we think of sport in the ancient Roman world we are immediately confronted with the image of epic gladiator contests in the Colosseum. Yet during the Roman Republic, such contests were held in an area called the Forum Boarium and then, eventually the Roman Forum itself, the epicenter of Roman political and social life. […]

In Pythagoras’ speech in the 15th and final book of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the vegetarian philosopher of rebirth tells the tale of the phoenix bird (Met. 15. 392-407). una est, quae reparet seque ipsa reseminet, ales: Assyrii phoenica vocant; non fruge neque herbis, sed turis lacrimis et suco vivit amomi. haec ubi quinque suae conplevit saecula […]

I am proud to announce that I have recently joined the M I N T Collective in Columbus. Here is a description of the collective’s mission: M I N T is a collaborative, multidisciplinary space founded and operated by artists located in Columbus, Ohio. Abidingly fresh, adaptable, and dynamic, our mission at M I N […]