Alarm Clock Academy

To coincide with the exhibition William Kentridge: The Refusal of Time at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio (Feb 3, 2018–Apr 15, 2018), we have created a project, comprising a map and a questionnaire, to explore how Kentridge’s profound philosophical, scientific and historical ideas about time impact the everyday lives of three connected communities (the Wexner Center staff, visitors to the Wexner exhibition and online users of the Wexner Center’s social media).

Alarm Clock Academy is inspired by Kentridge’s immersive investigation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and its historical contexts. Taking Kentridge’s exhibition as itself an object that navigates time and space, traveling around the globe since its original creation for dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel in 2012, we want to see how an artwork can be used as an extension of Einstein’s theory about the constructed nature of time.

In addition, we wanted to expand on the little known fact that the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, invented the first alarm clock, specifically for use by his students at the Academy to ensure they arrived on time to his lectures. In thinking about Plato’s alarm clock and his students, we aimed to initiate a discussion about time-management in our everyday lives.

Bringing together the mundane question of the alarm clock in our daily routines and the more expansive question of Kentridge’s installation’s movement through time and space, we want to invite these three connected communities to ponder what it would mean for them to use their time differently and to consider The Refusal of Time as an equivalent of a time-machine for them to return to the past (whether 2012 or last year) to intervene in the present as a process of more active awakening.

We hope you enjoy exploring the ‘Adventures of The Refusal of Time‘ on the map below and please join in the fun by taking the version of the questionnaire below that pertains to you.

Bon voyage,

Minus Plato

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