What Happened: A Year of Minus Plato Today

November 2016

The Daily Trick of Looking New: Minus Plato Today

Las Materias Cubanas: José Manuel Fors between botany, literature and art

Like something almost being said: Petra Cortright’s HELL_TREE

Chris Marker’s Homer

Fifth Test, Day 5: Sophie von Hellermann’s Cricket

This is the End…Sorta: Blueprints for a Past Future

December 2016

Ancient Mirrors: Sara VanDerBeek in Ostia

Cheese, Mirrors and Bears: In Frederic Tuten’s Cave

The Minus Plato Manifesto

Postcards from an everyday Odyssey

et in Arcadia ego, or, Guns on Campus

What a difference a Myth makes

Acidmenics: Back to College with Petra Cortright

A Small Step (for John Glenn) and the Ancient History to Come

Judging Covers: Plato’s Altered State

Ancient Medicine in Los Angeles

Zeus is comin’ to town

MBCBFTW with or without Homer’s Odyssey

The Title of the Future: Badiou’s New Classicism

Out of Athens: South as a State of Mind/documenta 14

R. H. Quaytman vs. Cyclopean Painting

Mrs. Midas’ Last Supper

Mourning Becomes Simone Weil

To disarm the Gorgon: Weil’s Platonic Cinema (Part One)

Digital Truths: Weil’s Platonic Cinema (Part Two)

Carthago delenda est: Lara Favaretto’s As if a Ruin, 2012

The Lives and Opinions of the Eminent Maurizio Cattelan

Flaying Apple: Ed Atkins’ Marsyas

Bonne Année (courtesy Minus Plato)

January 2017

The Veil of Anachronism: Kasper Bosmans’ Hellenism

Every Day Data Diaries: Cory Arcangel’s hypomnemata

Kara Walker’s Sphinx sketches

Cartoons familiar and ancient: Looking into the Eyes of Ian Cheng’s Metis Suns

Were we a Dialogue? Diotima at Black Mountain College

No Post Just A Shell

Manifesto Mania: Beyond Minus Plato

After Rome: Amy Sillman’s iPad Ovid

The Handbook of Handbooks for Artists and Classicists

From Semele to Nefertiti: Juliana Huxtable’s Art News Consumer Report

Sowing Semina

The Good Lives of Jonathas de Andrade

Black Penelope at the Window: Romare Bearden and Kerry James Marshall

William E. Jones’ Herculean Variations

Those goddamned Achaeans: Nadia Kaabi-Linke and Cy Twombly

The Framework of European Weakness: Adam Pendleton’s Black Dada

The absence of love, the fundamental creative force, is even more catascopic

Whisper it here: “Nero has an ass’s ears”

Introducing The Suetonius Gallery

Nancy Spero’s Women’s March through Time

Caligula hates the gods and the gods hate Caligula: Badlands Unlimited’s New Proverbs

A Modern Photius: Stuart Sherman’s Amazon Book Reviews

Rocket from the Tombs: Moyra Davey’s Walking with Nandita

Sarah Lucas’ Ornamental Aidoia

Epictetus in Ohio: Come Along With Me

Estamos contra el muro: Nero’s Walls

Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Athens Dialogues

Abounaddara’s Campus Martius

Devices for Looking: Rheim Alkadhi’s Eye-Odyssey

Bodies of Memory: Adelita Husni-Bey’s Lethe

February 2017

Taking Refuge in Aristotle: Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri’s Ecce Occupy

While Rome Burns: Jimmie Durham’s The True Story of How Cuban Communists Gained Control of Trump Tower

Literae Humaniores: Prometheus Bound as Continuous Project

Democracy Now: Carmen Herrera, Group Material and Cultural Participation

Sappho and the Patriarchs

What do we own? What is the same? Sappho Catullus Moravia Kruger Lawler Levine

Tiresias’ Dilemma: A Postcard from Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Sherrie Levine’s kouroi

Bodies in Minimalism: Gerard Byrne on ataraxia

Will others see a Peacock? Ovid’s Argus, Blixen’s Stork and Frances Stark

The Rape Corners: Honoré Sharrer as Arachne

With Us, Women: Lucy Lippard’s c. 7,500 Ancient and Modern

Apples of Concord: Listening for the Kabakovs and Fallen Fruit in Columbus

The Tablet of Thesis: A Mythosynthetic Hypothesis

VERBALL: Lee Lozano’s Symposium

Immigrant Song: Jannis Kounellis’ Greek doors and Roman epitaphs

All the colours of the rainbow: Menippus with André Cadere

Immersed in the Literarium: Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s Splendide Hotel

Names and their Noise: Kim Gordon in Athens

Josh Smith’s ipsedixitism

Search & Tell Catullus

A Companion to Names in Catullus

Traps to stop you in your Tracks: Haim Steinbach’s Two Owls

A Chair-Like Thing: Sebastien de Ganay’s Trojan Horses

Leap Look Book: Exhibition Catalogue as Platonic Object

Pillar-Like Objects: An Anecdoted Topography of M I N T

In the Footsteps of Giants: Contemporary Artists before and after Rome

How It Looks to Be a Problem: Joe Overstreet’s Buried Geometry

March 2017

apparent rari nantes: The Atlas Group/Walid Raad’s SOS

The World of Fama: Hadjithomas and Joreige’s “2008, A Matrix”

Recovering Myths: Randa Mirza’s “El-Zohra Was Not Born in a Day”

Animal Spirits and Nature’s Nets

The collective genius of M I N T

Tolle Lege Tolle Lege

Selfie Culture Class

Come Along With Her: Melissa Vogley Woods’ Drop-In Workshops

Painting Dead Paint: Steven Parrino’s autothanatography

Live Art, Stone Heart: Claudia La Rocco’s Medusa

Halved for Pickling: Xavier Le Roy’s “Self Unfinished”

Geometric dancers: Ralph Lemon’s drawings

Diogenes vs. Zeno: Jérôme Bel’s “The Show Must Go On”

No Cave: Mette Edvardsen’s “Black”

Anti-Orpheus: Returning to Tino Sehgal’s “This Variation”

A gift of the fuel gods: Nari Ward’s “Ultra”

Those fragments made me fall asleep: William E. Jones’ “Fall into Ruin”

Allan Sekula and the 13th Task of Hercules

University as Forum: Muntadas, John Rapko and Berkeley 2001

Trisha Brown’s Socratic movements

Museum Director as Classicist: Suzanne Pagé and “Migrateurs”, 1993-2003

The Phoenix’s nest and M I N T’s flaming rebirth

Songs of the Loom: working rhythms of Circe and Aboubakar Fofana

Holidays in Hell: Minus Plato’s Instantly Illustrated edition of Apuleius’ “The Golden Ass”

Book 1: The Second Death of a Fake Socrates

Book 2: Another Actaeon Attack

Book 3: Enduring the Laughter Festival Again

Book 4: Robbers’ Tales and the Banal Beauty of the Bear

Book 5: Invisible Labor in Love’s Palace

Book 6: Sorting Seeds and other Soul Tasks

Book 7: Travels with my Donkey and The Following Story

April 2017

Book 8: Ass-Meat of the World

Book 9: The endless, incessant work of Human and other animals

Book 10: Scandal in the Arena of Spectacle, Survival and Self-Performance

Book 11: The new you and having it all

From Dispersion to Destiny: Launching Liquid Antiquity

Cephalus and Polemarchus Redux: A father-son dialogue on Philippe Parreno’s “Anywhen”

Letters to Atticus: A Minus Plato Guide to the Opening Day of Documenta 14

The Classical in Cleveland: From Jean-Michel Basquiat to Adam Pendleton

Minus Plato has never felt better in its life

Exile as Foundation: “Action at a Distance” at the Angela Meleca Gallery

Beyond the Dominant Operating System: Daniel García Andújar’s Hacked Classicism at documenta 14

Themistocles’ Fighting Birds: Allison Semele Blair’s “Wooden Walls/Second Ships”

When Speaking Stones Go Silent: “Void Writing” – an Exhibition by 조은영

Euripides and the Beautiful Boy: Moyra Davey at documenta 14 – Part 1

This Too Shall Pass: Video Ithacas of “Come Along With Me”

The Americas Road Trip after the Chilean Cave: Juan Downey’s “Plato Now”, 1973

Epigraphical Interventions: Gauri Gill at documenta 14

Ancient Sites of New York City 1: A Greek Temple in the Sky

Ancient Sites of New York City 2: Herodotus at the Post Office

Ancient Sites of New York City 3: Minotaur on the Subway

Ancient Sites of New York City 4: Murmurs of the Eternal City at Penn Station

Ancient Sites of New York City 5: The lost rooftop nymph

Ancient Sites of New York City 6: Cave-shops of Brooklyn Bridge

Ancient Sites of New York City 7: Like the last Trojans leaving Manhattan

There is no Rome: Looking for Utopia in Trisha Donnelly’s “Letter to Tacitus”

Condemned to Live in the Ruins of Heaven: Athens between Antonis Theodoridis, Aristide Antonas and documenta 14

Flocks of Greek Birds: Harun Farocki among the ancient artists

What Apollo Saw: Picturing Chris Marker’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”, 2008

Dare to Mutmut: Making New Proverbs from Apuleius to Badlands Unlimited

Escaping Hades: Deana Lawson’s “Portal”, 2017 at the Whitney Biennial

May 2017

Past the Mission, I Smell the Roses: Tori Amos’s Army in Michael Robinson’s “Mad Ladders”

Being Made Otiosus: Cicero’s Caesar at the Venice Biennale

Myth For Allies: THESIS, Day 79

Minus Plato Turns 5 Years Old Today

Bitter Victory and the Patriarch: Rachel Harrison at Greene Naftali, 2016-present

The Work Harder Handbook by Artists and Classicists Together

I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good: Harry Potter between Classicists and Artists

Breakfast with Socrates: Yvonne Rainer’s Voice

This Meme: Ancient Graffiti, Pepe the Frog and Mary Miss on Ohio State Campus

On Three Separate Occasions: Triangles and Trauma in William Kentridge’s Triptychs

Look Before You Cut: A Letter to the Ohio Senate on Higher Education

The Art of Fighting for Space: M I N T’s “Meat Ball” in the Roman Forum

This is not an Odyssey: A week of Anabases with Eric Baudelaire

Anabases 1 – Conversations in the Mountains

Anabases 2: Chronologies of Coming Together

Anabases 3: A Letter about Xenophon’s Diary

Anabases 4: Notes on Cracking the Cy Code

Anabases 5: A Poem between Charles and Eric

Anabases 6: Footnotes in a struggle about struggle

Anabases 7: Jumping the Gun since 1968

Myth Club Columbus presents “The Twelve Tasks of Lileci”

A is for X-Ray: Seeing Basquiat past the 110.5 Million Dollars

In the Cave of Black Demeter with Laura Larson’s “Hidden Mother”

Re-Platonizing Photography Sontag

Black and White and Read All Over: The Virtus of Text and Image in “Gray Matters”

Is A Woven Thing: Sarah Charlesworth’s “Text”, 1994

Heraclitus’ River, Narcissus’ Pool, Plato’s Cave and Gordon Bennett’s Citizen

Be Present: Minus Plato On Location

Indigenous Speech and Migrant Language between Apuleius and Cecilia Vicuña

Stoic Marmite Soldiers: Annotating Alejandra Franch’s “Huevo”, 2017

A Place for the Name: Franz Erhard Walther’s Toledo

June 2017

Out of Servius: Sulpicia and Lee Lozano’s Dropout Politics

You’re really not going to like it: Peter Fraser’s “Mathematics” for the Impatient

Non Plus Ultra Salitre: Human Struggles within the Pillars of Hercules

En la Librería con Photographica Ovidiana

In the beginning was the blog: Daniel G. Andújar’s Keywords and Isidoro Valcárcel Medina’s Philosophers

The World is Not Bilbao: The Cynicism of Mattin’s Social Dissonance

Human Animal Mask: Pierre Huyghe’s Fable between Documentas

We Must Take Narcissus By Surprise: Symbolic Classical Debt and Everyday Collective Action

Athens Documenta Diary, Day 1: Thirsty Work at EMST

Athens Documenta Diary, Day 2: Muses and Readers at ASFA

Athens Documenta Diary, Day 3: Giving All and Having Nothing at the Benaki

Athens Documenta Diary, Day 4: Unauthorized Ruins at Athinaiki Techniki

Athens Documenta Diary, Day 5: Good Vibrations at the Odeion

Help! I Need Some Body: Looking for Last Year’s Liverpool Biennial

Finding the Liverpool Fountain of Betty Woodman

Silence and Violence at The Oratory

What Will Survive Of Us Is Love

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: A is for Amereida

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: B is for Beats

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: G is for Grimm

Alpha and Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: D is for Do

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: E is for Equilibrium

July 2017

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: Z is for Zoe

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: E is for Empty

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: Th is for Thatcher

Alpha and Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: I is for Instructions

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: K is for Kassapis

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: L is for Line

Alpha and Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: M is for Marmoreal

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: N is for Niche

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: X is for Xerocheilia

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: O is for O w l

Alpha and Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: P is for Pauline

Alpha and Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: R is for Redden

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: S is for Stories

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: T is for Timing

Alpha and Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: U is for University

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: F is for Fence

Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: Ch is for Chorus

Alpha and Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: Ps is for Pseudonym

Alpha to and Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: O is for Otobiography

The Pantheon in the Sky and the Pyramid in the Basement: Imagining Monumental Shifts

Cultured Culture and Radiant Eroticism: Gloeden’s Bacchus and Takis’ Saint Sebastian

R. B. Kitaj’s Monument to Rosa Luxemburg

A Glass of Ancient Spanish Beer: Rodney Graham in Malaga

Sentenced to Life: Alyce Kaplan at dOCUMENTA (13)

This Variation: Recollecting documenta’s position in Kassel’s poses

Kassel Documenta Diary Day 1: Bread and Readers at the Neue Galerie

Kassel Documenta Diary Day 2: Finding Athens at Gottschalk-Halle

Kassel Documenta Diary Day 3: Contingent Structures at Karlsaue Park, Prelude

Kassel Documenta Diary Day 3: Structural Contingency at Karlsaue Park, Coda

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode One: The House

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Two: The Routine

August 2017

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Three: The Day Off

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Four: The Report

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Five: The Research

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Six: Blood of My Blood

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Seven: The Conquest of Universal Harmony

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Eight: Only a Pawn in Their Game

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Nine: I Shall Be Released

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Ten: Masters of War

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Eleven: The Quest

Three Athenians in Kassel, Episode Twelve: The Homecoming

Between the Senate and the Library: The Art of Books on the Move and in their Place

Political Glossaries as Exercises of Freedom

Blank Books and Yoda’s Bible at Pope. L’s “Black Factory”

Lost Books on the Head and in the Hand

Audiobook: She Do the Sirens in Different Voices

Bookends: Waiting Rules for Caryatids

Perictione & Sons: A Minus Plato Office Hours Exhibition

Sites of Electracy: Vier5 at Aristotle’s Lyceum

Cicero in Junktime: Hito Steyerl’s Lorem Ipsum

The Shape of Books to Come

Books Killed the Radio Star

Every Book I Love is on the Table. Every Book I Love is out to Sea

The Syllabus is Not the Mother of Self-Invention: Jesse Ball’s “Notes on My Dunce Cap”

What Now? Perictione & Sons, Day 1

The Stupidest, Dumbest, Most Beautiful Artistic Thing: Airistotle on Art and Imitation

More Open than a Field: Creative Expansions of Enclosed Space

I Just Look at the Pictures: Persephone Ferrando Agamben Narcissus

Echo is Golden, Side A

Morning Mosaic Montage for John Sparagana’s “Reading Revolutionaries”

White Statue asleep in his Mercedes: Corporate Fascist Classicism in Troy Brauntuch’s 1979 Exhibition

How Glenn Ligon’s “Coloring” Exhibition Can Teach Us About Diversity in Ancient Times

September 2017

Handing Back Louise Lawler’s “Hand on her Back”

Listening like a Seed: Postcommodity with Theophrastus

The Journey Back through documenta 14

The Journey Back, Day 1: The Arrival

The Journey Back, Day 2: The Ekphrasis

The Journey Back, Day 3: The Epiphany

The Journey Back, Day 4: The Exile

The Journey Back, Day 5: The Prophecy

The Journey Back, Day 6: The Prayer

The Journey Back, Day 7: The Instructions

Echo is Golden, Side B

As surely as Medusa: Monica Ross’ justfornow for Minus Plato Today

A Stone Man: Writing past Mark Bradford’s Venice myth

She was a bad woman: Mark Bradford as Pygmalion

There are worse things than velleities: To Joyce Burstein on Thomas McEvilley and Cindy Sherman

Undoing the Athens model: documenta 14 artists’ advice to the Brexit classicist

Exit through the Trojan Horse

Protreptic for Cyprus: Crates, Aristotle and Manifesta 6

Cecilia Vicuña’s Homeric Blue Thread

The university will not completely die: Horace’s Rome, MoMA and the Weight of Value

Theatrokratia: Platonic noise between Jacques Rancière and Seth Price

Dispatch from the Department of Ignorance

One, Two, Three Stages of Boris Charmatz’s “Aatt enen tionon”

As shore to her ocean: Sarah Michelson’s dancers

Body Beauty Bookshelves: Cicero’s pegmata and les gens d’Uterpan’s “Library”

The Dancing Philosopher: Goshka Macuga’s Aby Warburg

Kaepernick, A 21st Century Portrait

Myth Mother Invention: Conception

Plato’s Analogy of the Black Square: Boris Groys, Anton Vidokle and Russian Cosmism

The Historical Value and Intellectual Merits of Kara Walker’s Diversionary Tactics

October 2017

Answering Machine: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s “The Cabinet of Curiousness”


Discriminating Ideas and Disobedient Attitudes: Eulàlia Grau’s “Discrimination of Women”

Blogistorici: On Art Writers Blog Grantees 2008-2016

The Muses, the Pierides, the Sirens and Odile Duboc’s Les Fernands

Myth Mother Invention: In Utero

For Rebeka, a New Citizen of these Uncertain States of America

William Kentridge’s “The Refusal of Time” and the Philosopher’s Twin

Pearls that were his Eyes: Molly Nesbit, Gabriel Orozco and Democritus

Cloaking Nature, Covering Sound: Cornelius Cardew’s “Daisy Chain Rite” at the Stoa Poikile

You are not the Problem: Ketty La Rocca’s “Pandora”

Visions of Our Elders: Anchises’ Roman Empire versus Postcommodity’s Future Majority

Howling True Names: Corwin Clairmont’s “Submuloc Warrior Visits D.C.” and Jimmie Durham’s “Columbus Day”

Restless Souls Wise Teeth: Doug Aitken’s Animals and Valeria Luiselli’s Workers

Change Always Lags: Amy Sillman’s “The O.G. #11: Metamorphoses”

Ouch. Touché, Brutus. That was an Operation.

A woman, a reincarnated Orpheus: Channeling Touissant L’Ouverture in Kettly Noël’s “Zombification”

An Internet of Smoke, Dust and Attention: Exchanges between Jeroen van Loon, Despina Catapoti and Fronto

What We Don’t Save: Remnants of Marcello Maloberti’s “Blitz” and “Cleopatra”

Myth Mother Invention: Birth

The Memorable Deeds and Sayings of Aleksandra Domanovic

Teaching Together: Bringing Anna Halprin’s “Myths” into the Classroom

Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 1: Creation

Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 2: Atonement

Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 3: Trails

Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 4: Totem

Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 5: Maze

Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 6: Dreams

Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 7: Carry

Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 8: Masks

Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 9: Story Telling

Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 10: Ome

November 2017

One and Three Readers: Black Documenta Dada Mother

Myth Mother Invention: Infans

Understanding Happenings on a Friday Afternoon

To drill Platonism into ruins: “Life: a novel” between Hannah Black and Juliana Huxtable

The Tarpeia Debates: Sites of Roman Executions and Sam Durant’s “Scaffold”

A New Life as Screen Effects: Sculpture as Photography in Liquid Antiquity and Modern Classicisms

Apollo’s Lyre and Pandora’s Box: Douglas Crimp on the Neoconservative Museum

Neither the West nor the Marginalized Rest: Pia Arke beyond Thule

Mother Myth Invention: Childhood

Post Modern Classicisms Dialogue, Part One: Returns to Order

Post Modern Classicisms Dialogue, Part Two: Transgressing Subjects

Post Modern Classicisms Dialogue, Part Three: Classicism’s Stigma

Vuk Who? Classical Canonicity, Mass Effect and Rhizome’s Net Art Anthology

The Epic Among Us: Changes of the Guard from Gilgamesh to Kamasi Washington

In the Eye of the Cyclops: Patriarchal Atrocities, Puerto Rico, 2017 Whitney Biennial, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Monique Wittig, Sirens, Echo, Judith Butler, sair goetz, Feminist Revolution

Myth Mother Invention: Empty Nest

She Stands Apart: Antigone on this day in 1978

A bird fell to earth, reincarnated from her birth: Euripides in the House of Nina Simone

The Owl and the Tyrant: Aesop and Domitian between Geta Brătescu and Melissa Vogley Woods

Personal Helicon: for Dani Restack, across Time and Space

Who Has Stolen Our Bodies: A Day Spent Searching for Chu Yun

No Philosopher King: An Ancient Guide to Art and Life Under Trump

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