To drill Platonism into ruins: “Life: a novel” between Hannah Black and Juliana Huxtable

Please allow me to remind you, it’s always your business. I am your business just as our business belongs to us. Public transit seduces me with a fantasy of who we work, who we channel, in the service of. It prevents abstraction to “the human race” with all the horrible spirits lurking in its utterance. It renewed a hope in some sort of ethics, I thought about Arendt. After all that she saw, only had natality left to ground a quest for inalienable rights. Birth…Ha!!!

I can’t even…it’s only in our preparing for and insistence on our own extinction that condition an actual recognition…an actual love. To drill Platonism into ruins and sand the jagged edges to materialisms non-renewable resources.

Voluntary Human Extinction misses the point of sacrifice just as your retirement metonymically fails in the same capacity…remember when I wanted to get a tramp stamp of a quote from the Marshall Plan Section of The Accursed Share? Do you remember what it said?

[Quotation from Life: a novel by Hannah Black and Juliana Huxtable, published on the occasion of the exhibition Hannah Black: Some Rooms, mumok, Vienna, March 17-June 18, 2017; images from work by Hannah Black – for the exhibitions Some Rooms and Some Context and Juliana Huxtable – for the essay, Blowing Up the System – click on images for links]

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