Myths for Mutual Pedagogy 2: Atonement

You are teaching an elementary Latin course using the so-called “Reading Method”.

You gather your class (of between 6-10 students) on the floor in a small room and brief them on whether they want to participate in this “ordeal”.

If they agree, the students enter the classroom one at a time. The walls and floors of the classroom have been entirely covered with photocopies of the textbook (Jones and Sidwell’s Reading Latin, 2nd edition).

Only two pages have been selected, in complete repetition.

Each student enters, then stands facing the wall, looking into a blinding spotlight. They select a position, alter their clothing, and remain still and silent for one hour. The recording of a loud continuous roll on a snare drum is being played at the center of the classroom.

After the class, you remain completely silent, writing on the blackboard the following instruction: Please send me an email with two words that best described your experience of today’s class. 

Video postscript

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