Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: X is for Xerocheilia

Were you especially excited to stumble across the work of André du Colombier? What drew you in more, his words or his colors? To the alternation of red, red and white or the words un | jour | rouge? Did your eyes prize out the words from the copper on the wall or lose them in the puddle of blue on the floor? Judging by this photograph, were you not also intrigued by his wordless objects? (What do you think Posidippus or Ponge would say to these poetic objects?) What did you make of the repeated figure of the frying pan piano, as image and object (and more)? As for the roll of red tape enclosed within an empty red water pitcher, do you think there is some kind of code? Do you think if you knew the French for ‘tape’ and ‘pitcher’ it would solve Mr Dovecote’s riddle? Is there word on the tip of your tongue, between your teeth, or on your dry lips? We can always choose a word from another language to whet our curiosity.

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