Alpha and Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: I is for Instructions

You were very lucky to take this photograph of a wall-text without a work. That said, you still visited several empty universities across the city – the Academy, the Lyceum and the Stoa Poikile. And, like this empty university, there was still activity on the site – a children’s party at Plato’s, an art collective’s audio-work at Aristotle’s and an archaeological dig at Zeno’s. You missed many performances in Athens. Mostly you arrived too late for them, but this one, you arrived too early. It would be on June 28, long after you had left Athens. You would have heard Aristide Antonas talking with Quinn Latimer about The script, the manual, the protocol. You can imagine what it would have been like. You would have sat there, in the Empty University (where you had sat before), transported by the conversation, listening to instructions about the “overlapping affinities between practices of writing, architecture and texts that normally are not considered poetic: scripts, legal texts or even manuals that propose a structure to be built out of their use. In which circumstances could we name these texts poetic?”

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