Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: G is for Grimm

You often found yourself in the little library at the Odeion, idly browsing. You saw this cryptic wall-text (amid the sea of floor-text) besides one of Pope L.’s whispers, and took this photograph meaning to decipher it later. You had no idea it was part of Roee Rosen’s The Death of Cattelan, which had been printed in South – cracking the code in the Credits (it ends: Oh, agony! I neither know what to feel and think, nor how to act.) At the time, you also didn’t know about the women near Kassel who gave the brothers Grimm their best tales (‘Her memory kept a firm grasp on all the sagas. She herself knew that this gift was not granted to everyone, and that there were many who could remember nothing connectedly. She told her stories thoughtfully, accurately, with wonderful vividness, and evidently had delight in doing it. First she related them from beginning to end, and then, if required, repeated them more slowly, so that after some practice, it was perfectly easy to write from her dictation’). Do you think she was related to the old woman who told Lucius the donkey the tale of Cupid and Psyche?


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