Alpha to Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: A is for Amereida

You had forgotten, only remembering later, being told that the installation by the nomadic collective Ciudad Abierta (Open City), with its texts, images, numbered lists and diagrams, would be something that you’d like. You had also forgotten that you were told that, as a Classicist, you would be better placed to understand this work, since it referenced an epic poem Amereida (the Aeneid of America), a trip to Delphi, an ancient ritual and had a Greek-sounding word as a title. Even though you had forgotten and failed to understand these references at the time, you do remember being curious about their game of listening and reading, their ‘cartas’ in the nearby Material Matters Library. You read the instructions, then you started to play, only to realize that you couldn’t play alone. Shall we play now?

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