Alpha and Omega of Our Athens Nostalgia: D is for Do

When you made the video from which this still is taken, did you consider pausing at the word ‘DO’? As the next word of David Harding’s work at Rizari Park, taken from a Samuel Beckett poem, was ‘NOT’, could you have played Socrates, stopping in his tracks as he listened to his daimonion? Then through sheer force of will, could you have turned this ‘NOT’ into an ‘IT’? Does your slender, orange DO IT book (which you took with you to Athens) include Claire Fontaine’s 2012 instruction: Whatever you do, do something else? When you walked David Harding’s Beckett were you aware that the poem continued in Kassel? This work is called Desire Lines, which, as you well know, are those paths that people make for themselves, trails made by the force of foot-traffic and were you aware that the path is Beckett’s text translated into German by Eve Hesse? Do you think it is the Eva Hesse? We must find out.

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