This Too Shall Pass: Video Ithacas of “Come Along With Me”

Today at 4pm the exhibition Come Along With Me will close after over two and a half months. The unusually long run of the exhibition allowed for the planning of numerous group visits, workshops and other initiatives, many of which were documented in the catalogue for the exhibition. In spite of this long run and these opportunities, I am not ready to completely let go and so I want to celebrate this final day by looking back to a series of videos I made while driving to visit artists’ studios around the state last year. These videos were inspired by two artists in the exhibition: Kellie Morgan and Adrian Waggoner. Morgan’s work-place video’s (including the specially commissioned This Too Shall Pass) made me want to document, in some minor way, one of the less glamorous aspects of the work of curating – the periods of driving between studio visits with artists. Adrian Waggoner, whose stories, as well as music, I would listen to while driving, inspired me with his love of the road trip on his motorbike. As Come Along With Me the exhibition comes to a close, I want to record here how much the whole journey of the exhibition meant to me and, to paraphrase the words of Cavafy, only now do I understand what these video Ithacas mean.


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