Minus Plato has never felt better in its life

Today, a month out from celebrating its 5th birthday, Minus Plato has an announcement to make. Minus Plato is tired of being misunderstood. So, in the last few days Minus Plato has realized that it is time for a change. It may seem like a subtle change, perhaps imperceptible to some, but it is a change nonetheless. While Minus Plato up to this point has been focused on the topic of Classics in Modern/Contemporary Art, from today on it will critically examine The Classical in Contemporary Art. As a blog, Minus Plato has always done more than merely document the way Modern and Contemporary Artists have referenced, engaged and appropriated the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. Minus Plato has also attempted to make interventions in the world of Contemporary Art from the seemingly out-dated and culturally regressive position of the Classicist. During the period of posting every day (‘Minus Plato Today’), it has become clear that the scope of Minus Plato is much broader than it may initially seem. It is committed to exploring how Contemporary Art intervenes in the past as a way of making a different future. In doing so, Minus Plato is more invested in The Classical than in Classicism. How Contemporary Artists use The Classical rather than how they find themselves somehow a part of Classicism. So, going forward, let us remember the following passage from the Minus Plato Manifesto:

What makes the Classical now is how people use it now

The Classical is for everybody’s use

No one owns the Classical

The Classical is everywhere

The Internet is Classical 

Black Lives Matter is Classical

The everyday is Classical

This blog is Classical

Artists today use the Classical 

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