A Companion to Names in Catullus

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Abbreviations of the names of ancient authors and their works follow, whenever possible, the practice of the Oxford Classical Dictionary, 3rd edition (1996), referred to as OCD3

Names of authors or works in square brackets [-] indicate spurious or questionable attributions

This is normally assumed to be an erroneous citation of Catullus under Cinna’s name

even Trumps Cinna’s wish

for nearly everyone in Europe during the Middle Ages Catullus was merely a name and a few citations, no more accessible than his contemporaries Calvus and Cinna are to us today, and no extant library catalogue names him

namely a scribe to whom France assigned a name

in addition to those identified by name

We know of 12 individuals, besides the poet and (presumably) his father and brother, who bore the names Valerius Catullus or Valeria Catulla

The latter’s name is spelt “Teidius” in the Fast Nolani and the Fasti of the Arval Brethren, and that is probably the correct version; a late Republican senator Sex. Teidius is known

Her name is explained by the marriage of Valeria Messallina

These are all elite names

Fabellus found a fictitious afterlife in Martial (see above), but Veranius was still a real name, and a significant one

The Transpadane region was synonymous with the name of a poet – but why wasn’t it Vergil?

lets his reader know that he prefers a more obscure derivation of the name, probably found in Callimachus

Indeed they practically share the same name – Catullus is a diminutive of Cato 

In 13 of these poems, Catullus mentions Lesbia by name

If sound Trumps content

Although Catullus imagines blissful passion with Lesbia, whose name evokes Sappho, it is really he, rather than Lesbia, who more nearly approximates the legendary Greek poet.

It is highly ironic that the name “Lesbia” should call Sappho to No preview available for this page. Buy this book

the salacious connotations of the proper name “Lesbia”

associated with the name of Callimachus of Cyrene

With Catulus’ epigram we have a sense that real emotions are at stake, signaled at a minimum by the foregrounding of the love interest’s name, Theotimus

Even Trumps Cinna’s wish for Cato

unless a name is concealed there by No preview available for this page. Buy this book

the idea (and the name)

the names of figures from Greek myth

Greek proper names

Apart from proper names

where Lesbia has Sappho’s toponym, in distinction from the very plain name No preview available for this page. Buy this book

an old solemn name

highly allusive verse that names Cyrene

the same name (the feminine form of the family name)

We also don’t know the name or names of the addressee or addressees of the poems (or poem)

It does seem strange that two such similar names, Mallius and Allius, should appear in these two consecutive poems

The names are not the only problem

the rust that will taint the name of Allius and his family

names in the manuscripts

Although the name Maecilia is not unknown

It is worth noting here that Caesar (and the name No preview available for this page. Buy this book

Virgil’s Experience: Times, Names and Places. Oxford

but the name Leucadia refers to an island sacred to Apollo on which Sappho was said to have thrown herself off a cliff for the love of Phaon

In addition he points out that he does not attack anyone by using their real names (nomina uera) and he certainly does not attack an great names (nomina magna)

Here he uses a “real and great name”: Cato, who is being ridiculed for his prudish comportment

In 1. 34 Martial addresses a woman (it may not be by accident that she bears the name of Catullus’ beloved Lesbia) who enjoys having sex in the presence of people watching

avoids addressing people by their real names

In J. Booth and R. Maltby, eds., What’s in a Name? The Significance of Proper Names in Latin Literature

Poetry is hyphenated, like so many British names. It’s a thought-felt thing 

In a culture where self-possession was the highest virtue, the Catullus published in the poems that bear his name (he mentions himself 25 times in his lyrics) is signally lacking in this.

but the use of “our” almost as an honorific before a family member’s name are class linked

Perhaps most strikingly, Catullus includes the name of his puella at least once

R. Maltby, eds., What’s in a Name? The Significance of Proper Names in Latin Literature. Swansea. 145-58 No preview available for this page. Buy this book

as monster; as mulier; name of; as object of C.’s invective; as object of C.’s No preview available for this page. Buy this book

– All the instances of ‘name’ or ‘names’ (and ‘Trump’) found in a GoogleBooks preview of Marilyn B. Skinner (ed.) A Companion to Catullus, 2010, illustrated by hidden images from Jean Paaulhan’s U Catullus, courtesy Badlands Unlimited, 2011.







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