Epictetus in Ohio: Come Along With Me

Today the exhibition Come Along With Me opens at the OAC Riffe Gallery here in downtown Columbus. I was invited to curate this group exhibition by the Ohio Art League and it includes 18 artists from the state. Central to the thinking behind the exhibition is how the genre of the ancient philosophical handbook – as a guide to life – translates to a contemporary art context. Each of the artists invites you to ‘come along with them’ as they use their works to tell stories about their experiences that can also act as lessons to their communities and beyond. Think of this as an artistic equivalent of Epictetus’ Enchiridion! It has been a nine-month process getting the artists together and I am very excited about the results. The opening is today – January 26th, 5-7pm and I have a curator tour tomorrow at 12pm. The exhibition runs until April 15th and so I’m sure I’ll be writing more Minus Plato posts about it. (For more info, go here). For now, here is a selection of photographs I took during studio visits with the artists.

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