Figures in Lokuta’s Cave: Photographs by Melissa Tomich

The exhibition Donald Lokuta: Plato’s Cave-Segal’s Studio ended yesterday and so I wanted to use this post to give those of you who were not able to see it in person a glimpse of what it looked like. Below are the wonderful photographs of Melissa Tomich which she took during her and Donald’s visit for a series of events at the end of August, including the Reception on August 29th, with the dance/music performance commissioned for the exhibition Out of Cast and Cave, choreographed and performed by Leigh Lotocki and performed by Amanda Platt, Kevin Estes and Johnny Mendoza. Rather than giving you a clear installation view of the exhibition, Melissa’s photographs show us how it was meant to be experienced – with Lokuta’s prints and projections intermingled with and partially obscured by passing figures and their fleeting shadows.

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