The Cave of Light: A Dark Symposium

The Cave of Light: A Dark Symposium 

Monday, April 1, 2013 – 4:00pm
Wexner Film/Video Theater, 1871 N High St.

Josiah McElheny works with glass and light, shown in a museum of glass made by Peter Eisenman.

Paul Scheerbart wrote a story about a cave of light that McElheny translated.

Miguel de Cervantes wrote a story about a man made out of glass.

Scheerbart wrote a short book about Cervantes.
Jacques Derrida criticized Eisenman’s glass house by quoting an essay by Walter Benjamin where he quotes Scheerbart.
In an extraordinary séance, they all come together to sort it all out.


Reception Following
Sponsored by the Wexner Center for the Arts and the Humanities Institute

Dear Fellow Classicists,

I want to invite you all to a weird and eclectic event that I have concocted at the Wexner Center at 4pm on April Fool’s Day called The Cave of Light: A Dark Symposium.  A collaboration between the myself and contemporary artists Josiah McElheny and Pablo Helguera, there will be an hour of strange performances to discuss ideas of glass and enlightenment by summoning the spirits of Miguel de Cervantes, Paul Scheerbart and Jacques Derrida all under the roof of Peter Eisenman’s glass house. (Think Plato’s analogy of the Cave meets Lucian’s Dialogues of the Dead‘!)

The event is co-sponsored by the Wexner Center and the Humanities Institute.

For more info go here:

I hope to see you there and please do spread the word.

Best wishes,

Richard Fletcher

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