Today is the last day of classes here at Ohio State – not that we’d notice after suffering assault-weapon ‘educators’ on campus on Monday, the legislature sneakily passing the terrifying ‘heartbeat’ bill yesterday and then twittering Mr. Twump descending on us tomorrow. As one of my colleagues puts it, “OSU is under siege!”. I agree […]

Tonight I will be speaking at the opening of the inaugural exhibition of Blake Turner’s Manifesto Library at the Sean Christopher Gallery, here in Columbus. The Manifesto Library is a collection comprised of leftist, feminist, black, latino/a, guerrilla, african, militant, artists, economic, trans, queer, social, technological, and political manifestos. It is a recollection or monument to […]

Today is the last day of Blueprints for a Past Future – an exhibition that brings together the work and ideas of Faculty and Students from this semester’s classes at Ohio State that engage with the radical educational and artistic experiment of Black Mountain College (during the run of the Wexner Center for the Arts […]

What a difference a day makes! Since moving to the US and becoming a baseball fan, I haven’t stopped being obsessed with cricket and amid all the other differences between the two sports, the way that time works is especially significant. For baseball, of course a game can go into extra innings, as we saw […]