In about an hour I am going to deliver a brief presentation as part of our monthly Classics Faculty and Graduate Student Coffee Hour, here at Ohio State. Since I have this hour at my disposal, I thought it would make the most sense to spend it writing a Minos Plato post. The topic for […]


I have just returned from Lawrence, Kansas, where I delivered the keynote address at the Oliver Phillips Latin Colloquium at the University of Kansas. (I am grateful to all the faculty, teachers and students who attended and for making it a memorable visit). My talk was called ‘The Latin Lessons of Contemporary Artists’ and I […]

Myths of the Academy Mesh - Javin Neff

Now that the exhibition Myths of the Academy has closed, we – the Myths Academy Faculty – are now working with designer Kelly McNicholas on the second volume of the catalogue (you can read the first volume, also designed by Kelly, online here). Aside from a short introduction and a gallery map, all the content […]


I have just returned from an exhilarating week in Brisbane, Australia where I attended ‘The Classical and the Contemporary’, a conference organized to coincide with the 8th Asia Pacific Triennial (APT8) by the Postclassicisms network at Princeton University, The Queensland Art Gallery, and the University of Queensland. It was a multi-faceted affair, including two public […]


Next month I am flying to Brisbane, Australia for a conference run by the Postclassicisms research network at Princeton University called ‘The Classical and the Contemporary’. I will be giving another presentation under the aegis of Minus Plato following my intervention at ICAN V (International Conference on the Ancient Novel) in Houston last Fall – […]

myths of the academy_marks-02

A belated happy 2016 to you all! It has been a late start for Minus Plato, but it is set to be a busy year ahead, so do watch this space. In addition to my regular posts on Classics and Modern/Contemporary Art, throughout 2016 I will also be documenting two exciting projects that explore the […]